Cutting Teeth is a fresh perspective on the journey of parenting that is at once modern and timeless.

Book review: ‘Cutting Teeth’ by Julia Fierro - Lifestyle - The Boston Globe

Thank you to the BOSTON GLOBE and reviewer Emily Rapp for this incredibly thoughtful and generous review.

"Cutting Teeth sings with beautiful sentences, masterfully crafted scenes, and a deeply imagined inner life for each of her characters…There are no easy solutions or formulas for happiness here, just the reality that the care and feeding and great responsibility of raising a human being is complicated, love-struck, deeply sad, and also capable of providing emotional rewards that no other experience can."

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My letter to new moms is up at Postpartum Progress for the next 30 minutes. The letters have been going up on the site since midnight—one letter from a mother writer to new moms every hour. A treasure of support, advice, humor, and heart.  Share them with a new (or old) mom you love.

Endless thanks to Katherine Stone and Robin Farr for continuing this wonderful annual Mother’s Day tradition. 

"What surprised me most, in those first few weeks of motherhood, was the fear. Fear that I might accidentally hurt the baby. Fear that my baby wouldn’t be nourished. Fear that I could make the wrong choice. Fear that I wasn’t doing a good job. In the first few months of your life as a mother there will be times when you think, I can’t do this! You are not alone. The first night we brought my son home from the hospital, after a four-day stay in the NICU, he cried. And cried. We swaddled him, but he still cried. We changed him, and he cried. I was terrified that he was ill. We fed him and sang to him and gave him the pacifier and the breast and the bottle and… he cried.

Finally, I turned to my son’s father and said, “We can’t do this!”

He looked at me and said, “We can’t return him.”

We laughed, and the baby cried.”